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Did you come here looking for a Smile Makeover Dentist, Non-Surgical Facelift, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Full Mouth Reconstruction to gain back the foundation that reinforces your facial structure? 




For over 25 years, our Santa Monica Dental Office has built its reputation on the quality of our dental work exceeding our high level patient expectations in a uniquely pleasant and painless dental environment.









After having cosmetic dentistry procedures completed, our patients often experience stronger teeth and more properly aligned smile, less joint and neck pain caused by TMJ disorders, less Neuromuscular problems, and breath better at night!

Smile Makeover  -  Facial Rejuvenation  -  Non Surgical FaceLift  -  Cosmetic Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstruction Treated Problems and Benefits


  • Our teeth support the muscles and the skin on our face. Worn, missing, or misaligned teeth change the shape of our face.

  • Worn or misaligned teeth, bad bite and under bite can be the reasons for mid-face sagging. Our teeth can be worn down due to normal aging or due to sleep clenching and grinding known also as bruxism in which patients grind their teeth at night. Left untreated, the teeth become shorter, causing the lower jaw to retract back to meet the upper teeth causing Neuromuscular, TMJ, and neck problems.

  • Worn teeth and bad bites can make the entire face age. Missing or worn teeth result in a sucked in and collapsed appearance around the mouth, which causes vertical lines on the skin of the upper and lower lips and all around the mouth ( wrinkles).


  • Cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation require rebuilding and replacing the missing and the worn teeth on the upper and the lower arches. Candidates are people of all ages (20 to 65) who have missing, worn front and back teeth, and a bad bite.

  • Cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation involve the replacements of the old fillings by porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns to restore the lost shape, size, and position of the teeth. When a dentist rebuild the lost height of the teeth, the facial structure also starts to improve. Facial aesthetics are improved by rebuilding the vertical dimension of occlusion.

  • Restoring the bite, the jaw, to its ideal centric position helps lift the cheeks, give fuller lips, less wrinkles, tighter skin, and better facial profile, a virtual face lift!

  • Restoring the bite help build the muscles in the face, back up and tightens the skin, the face lift is obtained also by widening the arches that were collapsed.

  • Restoring the bite to its ideal position gives a better support to the muscles and the skin on our face.

  • Full mouth construction and facial rejuvenation benefits are having a beautiful smile, corrected misaligned teeth, and a beautifully supported face, like a face lift without the surgery.

  • Cosmetic dentistry can be achieved by bleaching your teeth and placing either 4 , or 8, or 10 veneers on your teeth, and now you can have a better smile. If a full mouth reconstruction is needed,  teeth on the upper and the lower arches may need to be treated in order to correct the bite. The cost of this treatment may be higher.




  • When a full mouth reconstruction and the bite corrections are achieved, this helps with the correction of many Neuromuscular problems, TMJ problems, jaw pain, jaw clicking, jaw popping, clenching, and grinding.

  • The new jaw position help with the reduction in migraine headaches, neck aches and shoulder pains.

  • Overbite, under bite, cross bite, bad bite corrections result in the reduction of the upper respiratory problems, sinusitis, reduce sleep apnea, and stop snoring.

  • Smile makeover and full mouth reconstruction do not require to be put to sleep. There is no surgery, no cutting jaws, no bruising.

  • Orthodontic treatment , Invisalign or Clear Aligners are used only when needed.


The simple truth is that quality comes with experience and cost. Dr Haber has advanced training as a cosmetic dentist and will design a smile that meets your particular needs; he will always answer all of your questions and explain to you all of your different treatment options. He enjoys seeing the beautiful smiles of his patients, and look forward to serving you !


If you are an out of state or international patient, Dr. Haber will complete your treatment in the shortest time possible. Our dental staff are fluent in many languages, English, French, Japanese, Swedish, German, Polish, Spanish, and Arabic. Our state-of-the-art dental office uses the latest technology and techniques to make your dental experience a pleasant one.




While most people think of veneers as a single treatment, there are actually several different types of veneers available. NO PREP VENEERS, LUMINEERS, Emax Veneers, Empress porcelain veneers read more



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Available also to Edentulous Patients - Dentures


Facial Rejuvenation is much easier to achieve in the case of an edentulous patient, and cost much less.

As you have grown older and lost your teeth, your face starts to lose shape. Our custom dentures, with or without dental implants, open your bite and restore it to its ideal position, offer superior fit, and a better support to the muscles and the skin on your face.


Non-Surgical Facelifts - Cosmetic Dentistry


In our Santa Monica office, our patients receive top-quality care for their treatment. We will work with you to discuss your treatment and ensure that it will be effective, leaving you with an improved facial look and a healthier smile, sometimes in just few visits. When performed by our dentist, Dr Haber, you can be sure that your smile will be restored to show healthy and beautiful results.



Full Mouth Reconstruction Without the Pain


With the latest in dental technology you no longer have to associate these procedures with pain and discomfort. Dr. Haber has the experience to ensure a quick and painless results, often completing your treatment with successful results in just few visits.


Don't let the fear of pain or discomfort prevent you from receiving the dental care you deserve. Make an appointment with our Santa Monica Office. Call our office (310) 393-7766

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